Side Sleeper Shoulder Pain
Side Sleeper Shoulder Pain


Prolonged pressure on your shoulders from sleeping on your side becomes painful. Additionally, This pain is caused by bursitis. Moreover, Some of the common causes of Side Sleeper Shoulder Pain are rotator cuff, bursitis and osteoarthritis.

Understanding Side Sleeper Shoulder Pain

The position puts more stress on the neck and the shoulder muscles than others. This also leads to stress on the spine through a muscle called scalene.

Causes of Shoulder Pain in Side Sleepers

Pain in Shoulder

Pain in Shoulder from Side Sleeping

Moreover, Some common indicators are stiffness, clicking or popping which worsens with time.

Acute pain lasts longer and goes away quickly but chronic pain lasts longer than six months even if the injury is treated.

Furthermore, It causes swelling and inflammation and causes pain and restricted mobility.

How to Sleep on Side Without Hurting Shoulder

To attain a neutral spine stand with your back against the wall keeping your head lifted 

Additionally, Use memory foam pillow which respites your neck from pain conditions and acts as a contour to your body

You should prefer a medium-firm mattress which acts as a perfect balance between support and comfort.

Furthermore, Some stretches to relieve tension and prepare the body for sleep are piriformis stretch, reclined twist, legs up the wall and bear hug.

Solutions and Remedies
Solutions and Remedies

Solutions and Remedies for Shoulder Pain Sleeping on the Side

A proper supportive pillow holds your body in the right position which keeps your spine aligned.

If you are healthy and feel refreshed when you get up there is no need to consider a new sleep position.

When the pain you are facing won’t go away even after using ice, compression or rest it is time to get help from a professional.

Some home remedies are Ice packs, heating pads, and pain relievers.


In conclusion, Good sleep posture helps alleviate pain.Not getting good sleep can raise the risk of disorders. To know more about side sleeper shoulder pain visit Swift

If you are having any trouble sleeping or do not get up feeling refreshed you should consider visiting a professional and following their guidelines. If you like this blog consider liking and subscribing to the content and feel free to leave your experience in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For side sleepers the most common cause of pain is bursitis.

By using a medium-firm mattress and the correct pillow for sleeping you can prevent pain.

Saatva latex pillow is most likely to suit a variety of sleepers.

Yes. there is a possibility of injuring your rotator cuff while sleeping.

Using a pillow, stretching before bed, pain management and staying active can help you relieve pain from shoulder to shoulder.

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