Women’s Health Therapy is a specialty therapy that includes care for musculoskeletal care for women across their lifespan.

Additionally, physical therapy includes therapy for a wide range of conditions including stiff joints. headaches, jaw pain, back pain and problems in balancing

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Understanding Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Women’s health physical therapy originated in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology and is in charge of taking care during childbirth. Furthermore, It aims to improve movement and mobility 

However, Women’s health therapy includes treatment for hormone imbalance, menopause and perimenopause symptoms and sexual dysfunction are the conditions that are treated.

Some of the conditions treated are pain relief, perineal trauma, ostomy, third stages of labour, assisted birth and so on.  

Types of Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Phases during which women’s health care gets affected are:

Furthermore, Specialized care in pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, pregnancy-related issues and postpartum recovery 

Physical exercise helps women to:

Fertility Doctor of Women’s Health

Specialised Areas in Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Furthermore, According to the research and best job issue, the salary for a physiotherapist is around 86,850

Some of the specialised services available are:

Health Physical Therapy

Advanced Topics in Women’s Health Physical Therapy


In conclusion, Some of the benefits of physical therapy are supporting neurological conditions, reducing symptoms related to arthritis, Reducing complications related to pelvic flow and shortening post-surgery recovery.

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FAQ Section

  1. What is women’s health physical therapy?

It encompasses different diagnoses throughout a woman’s life span. Moreover, It mostly includes different diagnoses to treat specific conditions dealt with by women.

  1. How can physical therapy benefit women’s health?

On the other hand, Physical therapy helps address conditions like pelvic pain and bowel issues, and physical therapy for non-surgery and invasive methods.

  1. What conditions are commonly treated with women’s health physical therapy?

It includes issues during pregnancy and postpartum issues during menopause.

  1. What are some common exercises in women’s health physical therapy?

Some of the common theories include stretches, manual therapy and biofeedback, or electric simulation that helps soothe the pain. 

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